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Series 10: Kronfeld

Series 10: Kronfeld

This poster is one of the many horizontal posters produced with the photographs of Chester Kronfleld. Click here to see all of the posters from this series.


Year: Circa 1965

Artist: Chester Kronfeld

Size: 44 X 34.5


From the late 1950s through the mid-1960s, Pan Am produced a poster series based on photographs by Chester "Blackie" Kronfeld who was Pan Am's staff photographer from 1950 through his tragic death in an American Airlines plane crash on March 1, 1962 while on assignment.


This series of posters includes a couple of notable departures from previous and future Pan Am posters. First, they have a horizontal  orientation. Second, they are larger than the typical 28 x 42 poster, measureing 44 x 34.5. Finally, this series leverages destination images as the poster hero, with the only text telling you that Pan Am will take you there.


Pan Am published several versions of this poster series, first with a black and red Pan American logo tagline with a stylized prop plane, then a similar Pan American logo tagline with a jet plane, and finally a blue and red Pan Am logo tagline with a jet plane.

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