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Year: 1968

Artist: Unknown

Dimension: 42 x 28

Medium: Offset lithography


In the sixties and early seventies, Pan Am produced posters that captured the free-flowing easy going vibe of the times. Mostly one-offs, these posters fit the era either through subject matter, artistic design, tipography and / mood. While not connected to a specific artist or poster series, the "Groovy Art and Logos" grouping definitely fit the transition from the 1960s to the 1970s when Pan Am brought the 747 to commercial aviation. 


1968 witnessed a modest thaw in USA - USSR relations when Pan Am and Aeroflot were granted reciprocal rights to fly between New York and Moscow. While a modest geopolitical step at the height of the Vietnam war, these flights were a step towards opening connection and communication between the two Cold War adversaries, just six years removed from the Cuban Missle Crisis.

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