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Year: 1959

Artist: Aaron Fine

Size: 42 x 28

Method: Lithograph


Notable sales:

eBay, Jan 2016, $1,500

eBay, Jan 2017, $1,500

Poster Auction Intl, Mar 2023, $1,400 (with Jet Clipper Service text, sold after the auction closed)

Mroczek Brothers, Aug 2019, $1,188


A classic mid-century poster for travel to Paris at the dawn of the Jet Age. This Paris poster by Aaron Fine exists with a couple of text variations.


With the approach of the jet age, Pan American gave way to Pan Am, and Aaron Fine was hired to illustrate a dozen posters. All are destination posters except for one which advertized Pan Am's Cargo Service, a growing business opportunity in the jet age. This would be the last series of Pan Am posters to be designed by a named illustrator.


The posters bring a mid-century modern cartoonish style to aviation art which helped them stand apart as new and fresh and different at the time that Pan Am was leading the way into the future with the first commercial jet service. 


These posters capture the essence of mid-century modern and are in high demand -- they have stood the test of time. 

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