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New York

New York

Year: 1977

Artist: Unknown

Dimensions: 42 x 28

Method: Offset Lithography


Notable sales:

Poster Auctions Intl: Nov 2020, $4,000

Poster Auctions Intl: Jul 2021, $2,600

Poster Auctions Intl: Mar 2024, $2,600


One poster, two icons tragically gone, Pan Am and World trade center.


From Poster Auctions Intl: "This anonymous designer gives us a glimpse of New York frozen in time; the original World Trade Center towers are preserved in amber, glowing amidst the blue light of a Manhattan summer sunset. As Joan Didion poignantly wrote, "Blue nights are the opposite of the dying of the brightness, but they are also its warning." The towers are forever symbols of a distant New York, of loss, of evolution and will always remain a part of the collective conscious as they're guided by Lady Liberty into the night. Rare!"


In the late 1970s through 1981, Pan Am produced a series of posters distinguished by the logo pivoted 90 degrees clockwise and printed along the right side of the posters. The posters are nearly all destination photos, and for the first time capture a broader range of US destinations which came to Pan Am through its merger with National Airlines (e.g. Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Washington DC).

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