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Year: Circa 1964

Artist: Unknown

Dimensions: 28 x 42


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Starting in the 1960s, Pan Am pivoted away from illustrated posters and primarily relied on photography for the next 30 years. The "Women of the World" series ran during the early to mid 1960s and features beautiful women representing Pan Am's many destinations. Nineteen of these images were  featured in the 1963 and 1964 promotional calendars for Pan Am Cargo. While the posters measure 28 x 42, the images inthe Pan Am Cargo calendars measure 25 x 30.


Indonesia was the calendar art for September / October 1964.


This poster series spans the logo transition from Pan American World Airways to Pan Am, and most of these posters can be found with both logos reflecting different print cycles. Some versions are occasionally found if foreign languages, reflecting local market customization. Occasionally, posters turn up as "blanks" ... no logo or destination at all, just blanks ready to be printed.

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