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Spain "Ode to the Toro"

Spain "Ode to the Toro"

Year: Contemporary in the style of 1950s

Artist: StickNoBills leveraging Jean Carlu artwork


There is a great story to this poster image. Stick No Bills is a poster art specialty business founded in 2011 and based in Palma, Spain. They described themselves as "the licensed poster art specialists; the creative safe harbour, restoring, remastering, printing and retailing centre of excellence for historic vintage and modern Art Deco style place-centric graphic art collections."


When they launched their Pan Am poster art collection, they created this "Ode to the Toro" poster which directly connected to both Pan Am and their home location of Spain. The bull image can be found in the 1951 Rainbow Service to Europe poster designed by Jean Carlu. In that poster, the bull is one of many iconic images representing various European destinations. Stick No Bills painstakingly brought that small bull image by Carlu to life in a multicolored series of poster.


Please contact if you can confirm the authenticity of this poster.

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