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Flying Down To Rio

Flying Down To Rio

Year: circa 1938

Artist: Paul George Lawler

Size: 42 x 28

Method: Lithograph


Lawler designed a series of posters for Pan Am capturing the exotic adventure and glamour of air travel during the "golden age." Several posters from this series stand as poster icons that capture the first wave of destination tourism. Rio de Janeiro and Peru's Machu Pichu in South America, Hawaii and the South Seas across the Pacific and Wings to Europe / America are a few of the most iconic and valuable of these images. Posters in this series are very rare and hard to find in good condition.


Some of Lawler's images were reused for additional poster printings with slightly modified text.


This poster of Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay is one of the most desired and collectable of the early Pan Am posters but is very hard to find.

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