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Chile via Panagra

Chile via Panagra

Year: 1936

Artist: Oliphant

Dimensions: 29 1/4 x 19 1/2


Notable sales:

March 2023, Potter & Potter Auctions: $1,700

February 2020, Poster Auctions International: $700


From Poster Auction International: (Febryary 2020)


"A caballero pauses to take in the scenic vista provided by Chile's Andes Mountains and their thermal hot springs. Pan American-Grace Airways, or Panagra, was founded in 1928. Shortly after making its inaugural flight in 1929, the airline completed the first successful commercial flight across the Andes where it reached an incredible altitude of 18,000 feet Mean Sea Level before landing in Santiago, Chile. Dubbed "The World's Friendliest Airline," Panagra's fleet quickly gained speed, and by the time the company merged with Braniff International Airways in 1967, it was the largest US airline serving South America."


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