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Cardwell Higgins Brazil

Cardwell Higgins Brazil

Year: 1944

Artist: Cardwell Higgins


This image pops up regularly on the web attributed to Cardwell Higgins and occassionally appears for sale on eBay in a 19 x 13 format. It also appears on authoritative Pan Am websites, like the Pan Am foundation website. 


That said, the look and feel of this poster does not fit with the known Pan Am posters that were produced in the 1940s. The placement and size of the winged globe, the risque "pin-up girl" art, the font used for Brazil and the Pan American logo without a tagline, are all inconsistent with the style of Pan Am's posters in the 1940s.


Perhaps is this the first example of art produced by a commercial artists in the style of a Pan Am poster.


Please contact if you can confirm the authenticity of this poster.

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