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Australia & New Zealand by Clipper

Australia & New Zealand by Clipper

Year: 1947

Artist: Mark von Arenburg

Size: 42 x 28

Method: Lithograph


Notable Sales:

Swann Auction Galleries, Oct 2018, $2375


From Swann's: "Von Arenburg is best known for his series of vibrant travel posters advertising travel via Clipper with Pan American World Airways. His distinctive style remains consistent throughout his designs for destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, and, as in this case, Australia and New Zealand. "Mark von Arenburg, whose series of at least sixteen posters for Pan Am was displayed in ticket offices around the world, exemplifies the anonymous nature of commercial design. No information seems to be available on this artist who must have been a prolific designer in his time" (Pan Am p. 170). In addition to the indigenous wildlife, skyline and sporting opportunities, the artist also includes a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, which was in use from 1949 to 1963. rare. "


Mark Von Arenburg designed a series of posters in the late 1940s that are very attractive and highly desireable. Some of these posters (e.g. Hawaii and Rio) were printed in different languages for foreign markets. The Von Arenburg posters were the first to use the "By Clipper" tagline which was subsequently continued with a range of posters in the 1950s.

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